Fossil fuels takes millions of years to form, and human race has been using them for just over two hundred years. Experts have estimate that if we keep burning fossil fuels at current rate, depletion may take place by 2060.

The oil and gas is still one of the largest industry today in terms of revenue generated. Oil is the most in demand and hence fastest depleting, and it is NOT sustainable to keep consuming oil.

We need clean and renewable energy to be sustainable.  Some of the sources of renewable energy are Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass, Geothermal, Ocean waves and currents.

According to statista website (click here), China has the highest investment in clean energy globally, spending USD83.4 billion into clean energy R&D. The US is second investing USD 55.5 billion followed by Japan at USD 16.5 billion. These three countries account for approximately 71 per cent of the total clean energy investments.