There was a time when I do enjoy going to property showflats. I guess if I am single, with more free time during the weekends, I would probably make this a regular weekend thingy.

Oh yes, ever since, property agents have been constantly spamming me with news of new launches, huge turn out on launch days and developments which managed to sell a high percentage of units during the first few weeks, etc. Basically stroking the FOMO mentality.

However, with my weekends typically spent with my family: Eg. just taking care of the kids, or bringing my kids out (for fun or for the enrichment lessons), running errors, etc…. there is usually little time to go visit showflats. Well that is just one reason.

By the way, the no. of unit sold taken from URA’s data is based on the OTP (Option to Purchase) lodged. It does not account for those OTP that has lapsed / not exercised / withdrawn.