New Pricing
StocksCafe will be revising its pricing from 1 Jan 2021. It will be SGD 5.5 / 45 / 115 for monthly / yearly / 3 years respectively. So if you are still considering whether or not to become a Friend of StocksCafe, this is your chance to get it before the price increase!

Time flies. The annual price of SGD 39 was introduced 3 years ago on 1 Jan 2018. Back then, StocksCafe supported only three exchanges (namely SGX, KLSE and HKEX). Today, StocksCafe has more than doubled that by supporting 8 exchanges. In addition, there have been numerous new features released since then such as Other AssetsNative Mobile AppBetter FX handling and more.

Of course, the reason for the price increase is not simply because of more features. It is mainly because the cost of operating StocksCafe has also more than doubled since 1 Jan 2018 largely due to increase in data licensing and server costs. Furthermore, as you might know, I am working on StocksCafe only part-time.