They say that the only constant thing in this world is change, and uncertainty.

We don’t know what lies ahead and we can never be too sure.

Many invest their money in banks and trust funds, but it is such a tedious process that you lose the motivation along the way.

Some open-minded individuals welcome Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), where they enjoy ease, flexibility, and liquidity making their investments grow as compared to other forms of investments.

The ETF Singapore offers are quite varied with an open-ended investment that keeps track of the performances of commodities, indexes assets, and bonds. These are all accessible through the Singapore Stock Exchange as these are listed and traded in this regulated market.

In contrast to other investments, the ETF is very similar to the traditional stock exchange trade. But, ETF is given more diversity across various indexes.

Investors are also subject to less management expenses because of its passive management mechanism.

Here are the 10 SGX listed ETFs you might not know exist.