It’s the new year, and I’ve been hoping for good news. Instead, the first financial related stuff I saw was the interest cut on OCBC 360 savings account w.e.f 1 Feb 😒

In view of the current low interest environment, I chanced upon the new plan by Etiqa.

I’ve been a Etiqa customer since 2019.

Back then, I posted about the 2.02% ELASTIQ guaranteed plan which I bought. Unfortunately, this plan is now fully subscribed.

In 2020, I shared that this was one of the way I earned $600-$1,500 passive income (see point 3). During then, they had rolled out the 2.1% Tiq 3-year endowment but I didn’t take the chance to enter since I had the ELASTIQ plan. On hindsight, should have parked some money there since the saving accounts interest are so pathetic….

As of today, 4 Jan 2021, Etiqa released a new 3-year endowment that provides a guaranteed 1.68% if you hold it for 3 years; with a minimum saving of $10,000.