What a crazy year 2020 has been!

In what was possibly one of worst health and economic crisis we have ever seen in recent memory brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also seen some of the most astounding movements in the US stock markets that dipped into bear territory that quickly rebounded into a bull run within the space of 2 months and closing the year on record highs.

Here is how each of the major benchmarks did in 2020:

Index YTD Price Return 2020 YTD Total Return 2020
DJIA 7.2% 9.7%
S&P500 16.26% 18.4%
NASDAQ 43.6% 45%

It is clear that the rise of the stock market has largely been driven by the tech sector as seen by the astounding returns of the tech heavy NASDAQ as compared against the other indices.

So in reviewing the year that was 2020, I would like to share 5 key lessons / observations that I believe is instructive for investing in 2021 and beyond.