TLDR? Stock markets are at an all-time high when you look at the most fundamental metrics out there. However, this obscures certain economic mechanisms that are going to play out. Investors should take a closer look.

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed our post last week on new year’s resolutions and how we all have the chance to start anew with the turn of the year. Keep in mind that no matter the goal, do not throw them away by not giving them a proper shot.

Today, we’re going to discuss the question of whether the stock markets are at an all time high. Because I trawl the web for finance-related content, this is topic something that the algorithms keep on pushing onto me. Some lovely example titles are:

  • “2021 market crash! How should you prepare for it?”
  • “Schiller PE ratio indicates that the stock market has only been this overvalued once in history!”