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Frontage Holdings is a CRO providing integrated, science-driven, product development services throughout the drug discovery and development process to enable life science companies to achieve their drug development goals. Its stock price has increased close to 30% since 1st December 2020 till now(one and a half month).

Frontage Holdings is a subsidiary of Tigermed(3347 HK), a Chinese domestic CRO giant. It is an important layout of Tigermed in preclinical CRO. The two form a strong complement in the field of drug development. The past performance and excellent management of Frontage Holdings have shown high growth potential. The past 5 years. Frontage Holdings’ revenue has increased from US$40 million in 2015 to US$100 million in 2019. Net profit increased from US$4.5 million to US$18.43 million in the same period. The compound growth rate is as high as 30%.