With no end in sight for Covid pandemic , everybody is probably stuck at home with no traveling for about a year now while yearning when is the next opportunity to travel again. I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos about interesting destination and read many financial blogs while stuck at home. I come across an interesting Taiwanese talk show about an early retiree who retired at 45 and traveled around the world twice to 70 countries. That Taiwanese uncle life story resonates with me as I have been an avid traveler whether it is for work or leisure. One of my main reason for achieving FIRE and passive income is to take control of my freedom so that I can travel without worrying about my travel expense. He is first guest of the talk show and his name is LaoHei. I extracted and condensed the video with some simple English subtitle as below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gXM2zqEO7Q