Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) had a phenomenal 2020 with its share price climbing a whopping 759% (split-adjusted). Kicking off 2021 with ARK’s new price target of $4,000 by 2025, investors are excited to receive Tesla Q1 2021 earnings and see if the company is well-positioned for another fantastic year. Without further delay, let’s get right into the 5 key takeaways from Tesla Q1 2021 Earnings.

Vehicle Production & Delivery Numbers

Model 3/YProductionModel S/XProductionQ1 2020Q2 2020Q3 2020Q4 2020Q1 2021050000100000150000200000

City Model S/X Production Model 3/Y Production
Q1 2020 15,390 87,282
Q2 2020 6,326 75,946
Q3 2020 16,992 128,044
Q4 2020 16,097 163,660
Q1 2021 0 180,338

Starting off with Tesla’s vehicle production numbers, we can see that Tesla has performed very well in Q1 2021, with 180,338 Model 3/Y produced, beating last year’s 87,282. We can also see that there was 0 Model S/X produced this quarter due to the new ones rolling out so this comparison is not very meaningful.