Updates for my Portfolio for April 2021 I feel I have hit another roadblock in achieving consistency for my side project. There’s actually 3 variants I have more or less chosen pending market acceptance tests. Hitting this roadblock after having rather consistent results is a shock to me, not sure if I have done anything wrong.
Buy MarketAxess at 506.4286
ReasonsMarketAxess is the leader of electronically trading US corporate bonds serving Americas, Europe, Latin America and Asia. It also provides market data and post-trade services, enabling institutional investors and broker-dealers to trade credit instruments, including corporate bonds, and other types of fixed income products. I initially queued at around 510 GTC which is about 65x PE (slightly above fair value at 59x PE).What happened was the market gap down pre-market and immediately filled my order at 506, I didn’t even had time to adjust my order.And now