We have finally achieved our first long term goal – a $1,000,000 portfolio! This has been CZM’s childhood dream – to become a millionaire by 30 and we did it a few months before she turns 31 so I guess that’s still counted? lol. The first question CZM asked was what is our actual capital and I guess you guys will probably have the same question.

I am tracking the majority of our investment in StocksCafe except for those in Endowus but the above should be a good enough estimate. StocksCafe is showing our capital as $921k + $83k (unrealized) = $1 million. However, we have been reinvesting all the dividends and realized profits so we can start by taking $1 million – $185k (total P&L – both realized and unrealized + dividends) – $189k (leverage) ~ $626k. For simplicity, I have worked for 6 years and CZM 8 years so on average, we invested around $44k per person per year.