This is an affiliate marketing post.

I’d really appreciate if readers would open an account under my referral.

So recently Tiger Brokers dropped me an email to write about them.
I’ve heard about Tiger Brokers before.
I was discussing new brokerage companies with my remiser and he mentioned that Tiger Brokers is like the new kid in town with some of the lowest fees.

So when Tiger Brokers sent me a note to write about them, I went to have a look at what they are offering.

Not too bad a deal.

Simply put, from now til 30 Sept 2021, if you open an account and deposit S$2,000 in one lump sum, they will give you an Apple share.
As at the time of writing, Apple share is around US$148, which equates to around S$200.

*Please take note, the S$2,000 deposit needs to be done in one lump sum.
As experienced by Mr15HWW, here, he didn’t get a welcome bonus