According to some news reports, there are now around 25 en-bloc sales sites in 2021; this is more than double the 11 sites last year. On the one hand, this was expected due to the last tranche of 2017 en-bloc properties being completed. On the other, sellers seem rather optimistic, given the Covid-19 situation. Through it all, we have resale condo buyers, who continue to hope this won’t push up already-high prices. Here’s what you need to know right now:

What’s going on in the en-bloc market?

With regard to 2021, here are some of the new en-bloc attempts:

  • Baode Building
  • Chuan Park
  • Dublin Lodge
  • Fortune Park
  • High Street Plaza
  • International Plaza
  • Jansen Mansions
  • Kai Fook Mansion
  • Peace Mansion
  • Queen Astrid Gardens
  • Siglap Shopping Centre
  • The Bayron
  • The Stradia
  • Verdun House
  • Vicenta Lodge
  • Watten Estate
  • 32 – 38D Hillview Terrace
  • 551 – 553 Bukit Timah Road

Note that some en-bloc attempts are not announced to the public; it’s likely there are a few we wouldn’t know about.