Why Retirement Is Like Driving
By Early Retirement SG  •  October 27, 2021
The retirement journey, or even the investment journey... Is typically made more complicated than it really is. Investment advisers, financial planners, friends, relatives, newspapers, bloggers, etc... We look around, we see someone else doing something else, someone else made more money via this investment, someone else did this, someone else did that... And yet... when we really look at it... Let's say... today you want to go to see the doctor. You wake up, wash up, determine the time you need to leave, you get out of the house, get in your car, or Grab, or bus, or MRT, whatever. Then you reach there and do whatever you want to do. Not everyone is going to the doctor's today. Those who are going to see the doctor will likely be seeing the doc for a different issue. Not everyone will leave the homes at the same time. Some live closer, some live further. So they start out at Some...
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By Early Retirement SG
Male, born in 1982. Graduated with a degree majoring in Banking & Finance, Financial Adviser for a period of time resulting in in-depth knowledge of insurance products and marketing techniques of the industry ...

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