Best e-commerce stocks to invest in 2022
By Dr Wealth  •  January 17, 2022
E-commerce saw significant growth in 2020 because of global movement restrictions, as consumers were forced to reduce physical retail time. This trend continued in 2021, as people became more comfortable buying products online. Companies took the opportunity to maintain the trend through technological improvements and increased advertisement spending through avenues such as social media. Big corporations initially benefited from this, as they already had working online platforms. Meanwhile, the small businesses that struggled during extended shutdowns discovered that e-commerce could be a lifeline. Many e-commerce companies recorded year-on-year growth in 2021 despite the already-high growth in 2020. They expanded and diversified their revenue streams, such as the provision of priority access to purchases and priority delivery services. The added time spent on online platforms also allowed for increased advertisement revenues as consumer spending recovered in 2021. The projection for e-commerce in 2022 Once again, we expect e-commerce to grow in 2022....
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By Dr Wealth
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