Portfolio and Blog Update – March 2022
By Derek  •  April 5, 2022
 War. War never changes.

Quote from the Fallout series

The biggest single event that happened so far this year is not the Covid but the war in Ukraine and I hope that it ends soon. I have shown my son pictures of destruction and while he may not understand, I hope that it will instil in him that violence and destruction is not the way to get what you want. Interesting the STI index is back to February 2022 highs – I guess that is one perk of not actively tracking my portfolio. However while the STI has rebounded, the same cannot be said of my Robo Investments – returns have dropped by more than 5% as compared to December 2021. I only made one stock purchase (UOB) this year but on the crypto front, I have set aside a small amount to DCA several coins/tokens. DCA here is Daily Cost Averaging. My Lazy Man Portfolio - All My Lazy Man Portfolio – Stocks, Crypto and Cash only My Lazy Man Portfolio – Crypto Only My Little One (MoneyOwl) Start Date: May 2020 Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Fixed Income Investment Amount: $300 per month My simple return has dropped from 9.92% in Dec 2021 to 4.49%. My Sweetheart and I (Endowus) Start Date: Jun 2020 Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Bonds Investment Amount: $300 per month My gain has dropped from 9.02% in Dec 2021 to 3.48%. Let’s Beat CPF (Endowus) Start Date: Jun 2020 Allocation: 80% Equities, 20% Bonds Investment Amount: $5,000 lump sum from CPF-OA Lump-sum investment is also not spared – a 7% drop from 34.81% in Dec 2021 to 27.76%.
A lookback on my investing thoughts that I have set myself last year. Stocks Only look to add into existing portfolio only On track. Only added UOB so far. Load stocks with > 5% forward dividend - since banks has a positive correlation with Crypto, if forward dividend is almost similar, prioritise REITS over Banks. I will change to prioritise Banks over REITS because REITS have either been consolidating or issuing more rights. Buy Metaverse Stock/ETF Instead of buying Metaverse Stock or ETF, I have purchased Crypto directly related to the Metaverse e.g. MANA, SAND and YGG. Refrain from buying more China Tech as there are no dividends On track. Positive news from the regulatory front and I hope the worse is over. Portfolio rule of no more than 20% for a single stock still apply - Stocks and Crypto only – exclude Robo and CPF. Currently Crypto makes up 22.18% and I am trying to resist adding more. I will limit myself to USD1,000 until my next portfolio review in Jul 2022. Dividend Stocks to make up at leas 50% of the portfolio – I am looking at Cash dividends only, hence Crypto Farming/Yielding is excluded. On track. Banks, REITS and Trust currently make up 66.81%. Crypto Strategy Fairly early adopter with a reasonable margin of safety but unlikely to pump in any new cash. Cash will be channelled into stocks instead. I have channelled cash into Crypto and Stocks in the ratio of 1:3.5 Will recycle the tokens that I have with a combination of Farming and Staking. Farm using different type of Liquidity Pools I have ended LP farming with VVS and channelled into Tectonic. Tectonic does not see to be doing well and I am exploring MMFinance instead. Buy another USD 500 of Cardona (ADA) to participate in SUNDASWAP ICO Fortunate not to buy as ADA remain stagnant. I channelled into a variety of coins/tokens instead. Use a Crypto Portfolio Tracker - Using Coinstats now. Quite pleased with it except that some exchanges e.g. CoinHako are not linked and tracking of farming/staking is manual. Will I be able to achieve SGD 5,000 of CRO by Jun 2022? No longer a target because the plan was to enjoy 12% APY on stablecoins in earn. However, it is now 8%. The plan is to add no more than USD 1,000 into Crypto until end June 2022. I will use it to either buy more BTC, ETH, LUNA and/or ATOM, and also explore MMFinance. Personal Finance Top Up Medisave Completed in Jan 2022. Partial Capital Payment to my HDB Loan using CPF in Jan 2022 Changed to Bank Loan instead at 1.65% - should be effective in Apr/May 2022 Top Up My Parents CPF Retirement Account (RA) – Matched Retirement Savings Scheme (MRSS) Completed in Apr 2022. Convincing my wife to invest rather than in Insurance Savings HK Index tank even further since Jan this year. I will try to convince her to invest a part of it in S&P500 when there is a Tiger Broker promotion. Blog Revamp Aggregate Videos I will start on this once the blog revamp has been completed. Still some backend work to update and a few aesthetics issues. Affiliate Links – to exchanges that I personally use I will stop this due to MAS regulations on Crypto. Learning Google Digital Garage – Fundamentals of Digital Garage I need to kick start my engine again. Blockchain domain I have been listening to Coin Bureau YouTube channel every morning on my commute to work. I am still not an expert but at least more knowledgeable than 3 months back. One downside is to always tell myself not to be swayed but always do my own research.
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By Derek
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