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IKEA Secrets They Don’t Tell You So You End up Spending More
By Seedly  •  June 20, 2022
So recently, we came across this Facebook post about how IKEA tricks you into buying more. IKEA Source: Facebook While some people shared that the tactics didn’t work on them, I’ve got to say that I didn’t think so much about shopping at IKEA until I read this post. IKEA furniture is a cult favourite so you should learn these tactics because…one reason for personal finance is to avoid overspending. We’ve summarised some of the tactics discussed so that you can take notice and not be lured into buying more than you need! TL;DR: 9 Untold IKEA Secrets That Made You Buy More & More Gotta say these reasons helped explain why I ended up getting… ziplock bags during my random trips to IKEA, even though I was clearly there to window shop at first. The ‘IKEA effect’ is actually quite mind-blowing! mind blown Source: Giphy Click here...
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By Seedly
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