Upcoming CSOP 2H 2022 Outlook – Finding The Bulls [Jul 19, Tues 7PM]
By InvestingNote  •  July 8, 2022
Year to date, the US Fed has raised its interest rate by 150bps which led to a sell-off across various assets. The market is expecting more interest rate hikes to tame the multi-decade high US inflation. On the contrary, China is introducing accommodating policies to ensure that it delivers its economic and social development goals while maintaining a Zero COVID strategy. 2 key questions we should be asking:
What can be expected to happen on both ends and where are the bulls? Join us as Mr. Bruce Zhang, portfolio manager, and Mr. Adrian Chew, Senior Vice President, Sales and Product Team, from CSOP Asset Management as they delve into the market outlook for 2nd half of 2022 amid uncertain times. Don’t miss this – register now: Date: Jul 19, Tues  Time: 7PM InvestingNote is the largest & most active community of investors & traders in Singapore & Malaysia. Find out...
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