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Free Access To Udemy Business For Via National Library Board (NLB)
By Turtle Investor  •  December 12, 2022
Well, guess what? As if saving $237 each year for free Straits Times and Business Times wasn’t enough, today I am giving away yet another pro-tip regarding this exclusive benefit of National Library Board (NLB) membership that will save your thousands of dollars a year. As usual, I’ll continue to try my best to give out plenty of value on my blog and this post is no different. What is Udemy? It might be your first time hearing about Udemy and in simply terms, Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses on various topics, such as business, technology, and personal development. Courses are taught by experts in their respective fields, and students like ourselves can enroll in these courses to learn new skills and gain knowledge on a variety of subjects. Most important of all, Udemy provides a convenient and flexible way to learn new things at your own pace....
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By Turtle Investor
Hello there! I’m Kevin. My investment journey started towards the end of 2012, when I picked up a copy of Andrew Hallam’s Millionaire Teacher. Andrew Hallam, being an English Teacher, is gifted with the ability to write clearly and concisely, making the topic of investment rather easy to understand. That’s when I finally decided to take action and dive into the exciting world of investment ...

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