How much did Singapore put into MAS T-Bills in 2022?
By Singapore's Budget Babe  •  January 31, 2023
With fixed income instruments back in the spotlight again, the MAS treasury bills received a lot of attention as the yields climbed higher. Every tranche that was issued after July was between 2 – 3% yield, with the highest cut-off yield coming in at 4.4% p.a. in December. Mind you, we haven’t seen such high yields in almost a decade, and some savvy Singaporeans have been quick to act. If you’ve been paying attention here on this blog and subscribed to some T-bills after I wrote this article, congratulations on your yield! But how much did MAS receive in T-bills last year, and how does it compare with one year ago? Here’s your answer: Thanks to the SGX team for inspiring this compilation, as we wondered over our dinner chat yesterday whether MAS collected more funds from its T-bills due to the higher yield in recent months. In 2022, Singapore invested SGD 108.4 billion into the 6-month T-Bills issued by MAS....
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By Singapore's Budget Babe
Budget Babe is an ordinary lady striving to achieve financial freedom in Singapore before the age of 45. She is always looking for cost-effective ways to live a fulfilling life in amidst Singapore's rising costs, and writes in order to empower fellow Singaporeans on taking charge of their own lives and finances. The final goal is to eventually break free from the competitive rat race. Will I meet you there? ...

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