8 S&P500 stocks that went up 10% in 1 week despite a bank crisis
By Dr Wealth  •  March 21, 2023
In the last 1 week ending 17 March 2023, the headlines was filled with the US bank crisis. Despite this crisis period, the S&P500 index was up 2.13% and the Dow Jones eked out a 0.13% gain. The Nasdaq performed better, recording a 5.33% gain for the week! Even though the S&P500 index was up, there were a few underperforming sectors. The financials and energy sectors recording the biggest sectoral decline. As we already know, the financial sector is in distress due to fears of potential bank failures, bailouts, and a risk of declines in asset values. Energy stocks also declined in line with lower commodity prices as oil prices declined on fears that a financial crisis could reduce economic growth and lower oil demand. It wasn’t a case of all doom and gloom, some sectors that performed well such as Technology, Communication Services (courtesy of Meta’s latest job cuts) and healthcare. Here we look at 8 S&P500 stocks that went up...
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By Dr Wealth
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