The new cooling measures might create more questions than answers
By Data Science Investor  •  May 1, 2023

The latest round of cooling measures is rather unexpected.

The earlier round of cooling measures just happened last September. Just slightly more than half a year later, we have another round of cooling measures. If we count the cooling measures which took place in Dec 2021, we now have three cooling measures implemented in less than 16 months. This is likely unprecedented and I can't remember when was the last time we had three rounds of cooling measures in such a short time frame.

Such rapid fire succession of cooling measures might have left some folks confused. Why are we having so many cooling measures implemented in such a short time? Is the property market so overheated? Why aren't all the cooling measures released in a single round? Are we being too reactive to the market conditions?

These are certainly questions that some of us might like to seek answers for.

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By Data Science Investor
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