19 Resale HDB Flats That May Be More Valuable Now (Thanks To The New Prime/Plus Model)
By Stacked Homes  •  September 16, 2023
With the new Prime, Plus, and Standard classifications, the top winners are the owners of certain mature-area flats. These existing flats don’t have 10-year MOPs or Subsidy Recoveries but are every bit as desirable as a newer Prime or Plus flat. In light of that, here’s a list of HDB projects that might see increased demand; most of them are across the road (or otherwise very close) to existing Prime areas: Existing resale flats close to Prime areas 
Town BTO Name Completed Number of Units
Bukit Merah Telok Blangah Beacon Est. 2027 175
Bukit Merah Telok Blangah ParcView 2017 1480
Bukit Merah Depot Heights 2017 418
Bukit Merah Telok Blangah Ridgeview 2016 492
Bukit Merah Telok Blangah Towers 2011 400
Kallang/Whampoa McNair Heights Est. 2026 626
Kallang/Whampoa Kempas Residences Est. 2024 583
Kallang/Whampoa Kallang Breeze 2023 411
Kallang/Whampoa Towner Crest Est. 2023 444
Kallang/Whampoa Kallang Residences 2021 243
Kallang/Whampoa St. George’s Towers 2019 738
Kallang/Whampoa Bendemeer Light 2016 624
Kallang/Whampoa McNair Towers 2016 861
Queenstown Ghim Moh Edge 2017 1179
Queenstown SkyTerrace @ Dawson 2015 758
Queenstown SkyVille @ Dawson 2015 960
Queenstown SkyResidence @ Dawson 2021 1217
Queenstown SkyOasis @ Dawson 2021 1192
Queenstown SkyParc @ Dawson 2020 810
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By Stacked Homes
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