Cryptocurrency Customer Service Nightmare
By Turtle Investor  •  April 7, 2024
It is a little bit of an exaggeration to call my experience a nightmare, but I know people who had funds-related issues that unfortunately required urgent attention and couldn’t get any. Not too long ago, I realized that I had misplaced my Visa Card after not using it for a very long time. Totally my fault, but it didn’t really matter that much because I only had 20 cents left on it. To close the loop, I felt that I should ask to close my Visa Card and forfeit my 20 cents value. This was when a simple request that should have taken mere minutes during better days stretched to a full month and a little more. Table of Contents First Contact & Speaking Into The Void I quickly realized that regardless of what the in-app messages said about their...
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By Turtle Investor
Hello there! I am Kevin and the author behind the Turtle Investor blog. At age 37, I hit CPF Full Retirement Sum (FRS) of $176,000 on the last day of 2019, twelve years after graduating from university. I am married and owns a 4-room apartment. I continue to be gainfully employed to build up my portfolio and provide my loved ones with better lives. Leaving everything behind and transitioning to a digital nomad life in Bali remains an option but not something that I’m actively pursuing now 🙂

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