3 men found a jinn.

“I will grant each of you a wish.” Said the Jinn.

“I want 3 wishes granted instead of 1” said the first.

“You think I stupid meh, on your third wish, you will ask for 3 or 30 wishes more, I am a jinn, not a wish ATM, you moron! Give you one more chance!”

“Ok ok, I am sorry. I want happiness.” Said the first.

“WTF… Can be more specific? how the hell am I supposed to know what makes you happy, I am not your mistress!”

Fustrated, the first man yelled:” give me lots of money la!”

“That’s easy, I already gave you 10 billion dollars. Be gone! Next.”

“Hmm… I want to be appreciate whatever I have, always feeling contented. Is this too vague?”

“No, no, that’s ok. But why not 10 billion?” Asked …