Do you give your portfolio a name?


The inspiration behind this post comes from the recent market sell down. Several financial bloggers talk about how much their portfolio has fallen or fared, how having a diversified portfolio helps etc. Since a portfolio is important, why not give it a name instead of calling it just a basket of stocks?

I chatted with a few bloggers and we came up with some really quirky names like 1 hit portfolio, general sentiments portfolio. love life portfolio. money for time portfolio, nameless portfolio etc. After some thought we settled on this:

There are two dragon portfolios and China is experiencing a slow down. Pure coincidence?

Dear Bloggers, I am compiling a list of portfolio for easy reference and would appreciate if you can share your portfolio link and name if you have them.

Readers, feel free to drop a comment too. I’m sure some of you give your portfolio affectionate names too ya.


      • Sillyinvestor says


        Can’t really think of a name initially. But after shortlisting a few, I think kanchong spider portfolio would captured the essence

          • Sillyinvestor says

            I am more like kanchong to add and add…

            Hehe. Trying to hold back myself when market is rolling with STI going from 3000 plus to 3500. Now that I got the meaningful correction I wanted, I hoot!!

            Also, 20-40% gain is good enough for me to take profits off table. So I will
            Never have a multi bagger. That’s why I call
            Myself kanchong spider

          • says

            Hi SI,

            Its the same for me. We just have to remember one point, don’t lose money. No point having one multi bagger when other counters are losing money. 20-40% gain from 10 counters is also a multi-bagger already.

  1. says

    Haha, I did mention to my wife about the name of our portfolio. She has the final say over most things! By the way, my blog URL has changed to “”. Let me know if you are okay to update it on your blog. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi TFS,

      Thanks for informing. I have updated your link and your latest post has been published.

      …Over most thing? Does your Mrs also decide which stock you buy? kekeke

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