Gain 50% in 1 month on Cash Cow – Super Group with Optimism Strategies


Most people may think Singapore stock market is stagnant but actually it is a good time for big funds to acquire good business at low price.  Previously Ein55 Graduates have gained from acquisitions of SMRT (by Temasek) and Sim Lian (by Chairman, Mr Kuik).  The target this time is on Super Group which Ein55 Graduates have prepared, following Dr Tee Optimism Strategy.

Super Group (SGX: S10) is one of the Top-10 food & beverage stocks in Singapore, based on Optimism Strategies with consideration of FA (Fundamental Analysis), TA (Technical Analysis) and PA (Personal Analysis).  Let’s learn how to grab the next opportunities following similar approach, taking action ahead of the potential big bunds.

Super Group is a strong cash cow in the defensive food & beverage sector. Following Optimism Strategies (see chart below), there are 3 opportunities in the past 7 years for an investor/trader to gain …

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