“Boomtime property buyers now big losers” was the headline in a local newspapers today. The article featured property transactions which were losers. For example, the biggest loser went to the seller of a condominium unit at Seascape. The condominium was bought for $11 million in year 2011 and was sold for $6.35 million in October 2016 at a loss of $4.65 million. This translated to a loss of around 42% in capital. Seascape is a waterfront condominium residential development on Sentosa Cove and during boomtime, $11 million might seem “reasonable” for the seller (then the buyer) to purchase the property but now against the current macro economical backdrop, the seller accepted the sale tag of $6.35 million.

I would tend to believe that buyers of some of the pricey residential properties like for the above case might do it for property investments, thinking that the property they …

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