A Week At The Best Hotel In The World

At the time of this post, I’m probably somewhere over the Indian Ocean, high up in the clouds. Where am I heading to? Well, how about the best hotel in the world! For one week 🙂

A short while back, I wrote a 3-part blog posts on how to get a good deal for a Maldives getaway, which was compiled from years of experience from travelling, plus employment in the hospitality industry, and I was rather happy to hear from some of you about your plans and especially when you shared where you were heading to. I know, it is so difficult to choose, right?! And unlike some bloggers out for quick money, I try to write more about stuff I have used, things I did and experiences I have had for authenticity.

It was almost two years back when I first got to know of this exclusive resort, and at first …

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