This blog post involves CPF talk. To spare you the agony, if you are not keen on the topic, do not read any further! I have no interest in arguing, convincing, or justifying anyone or anything here.

P/S : I do not advocate topping up of CPF. No no no. I have never done so in my life.


Once again, I am back to keep a running update of this series of CPF posts which I’ve started in 2015.

I’m definitely considered as being less than optimal when it comes to maximizing my income (I’m an idealist) so there are tonnes of other examples that are better than mine. But hey, if I can do it, that means many of you have a better chance of doing it even better than me.

Self-Fulfilling CPF Retirement Sum?

A little back story to this in case you’re not familiar. In April 2015, …