Some time back, I published my first net worth blog post – My Net Worth Is Only 5-Figure And I’m OK With It – and it was a fun exercise. The grand total I came up with back then was S$12,142.20 ????

Nothing fantastic, but it was a tangible number I was comfortable with. I first started tracking my expenses since March 2013 and have enough data to plot a fairly accurate net worth chart from then till now. Blue bars for assets, red bars for liabilities and the dots for net worth.


Just a quick re-cap on what I consider as assets and liabilities in calculating my net worth. For assets, I added the following items.

  • Cash
  • Savings Account(s)
  • Investment Account(s)
  • Electronic Wallet Account(s) e.g. PayPal, GrabPay
  • CPF Account(s)
  • Investment Holdings

I specifically omitted the value of my HDB apartment.

A few years ago, I thought that …