When I was younger, I spent many hours playing Transport Tycoon building bus and train stations, growing the size of towns and cities and adding airports etc eventually. Train stations are almost always the first things that I built.

In real life, connecting train stations, especially high-speed ones, are especially challenging and costly. Apparently, it seems like the High-Speed Rail (HSR) link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore has been postponed (not scrapped, yet).

Making the right and tough decisions take true grit – even if they may be unpopular decisions. To Dr. M, it may be the best option he has, regardless of how unpleasant it is, given the mounting debt his country is facing.

On our side of the causeway, there have also been voices of support for Dr. M who think that the project is a waste of money. All I have to say is this :

World’s busiest …