No, silly. That’s not my performance. I wish.

As my posts get far and infrequent, each would naturally be a mish mash of several stuff that’s unrelated. So, of course, I’d choose the 1 with the most attention grabbing headline. It’s not scammish though… I’m featuring a friend’s performance.

More on that later…

@Homan (From the comments section)

Here’s the screenshot that I couldn’t attach to the comments section then. So I’m attaching them here for you:

So yea, pretty far OTM. All obviously expired now. (In fact, I could’ve doubled my premiums earned if I was a tad more adventurous and sold nearer to the money options, but I prefer to sleep better.)

At the point of typing this, the following are the current outstanding options. I’ve rolled over several, and unless a mother-of-all miracle happens, I’d be taking these off the “liabilities” column of my “balance sheet”