Is being frugal being stingy? Absolutely not!

Being stingy is to “take advantage of someone” or ” not be generous to someone” but being frugal is about YOU choosing not to spend recklessly.

It’s an attitude towards money that you apply to ALL your purchases.

Below are 3 important mindsets for you to be more frugal and start saving half of your income!

Mindset 1: Be Early For Anything (3 reasons for it!)

Reason 1: There are dining apps that give you a discount to eat early!

Have you heard of Eatigo? If you haven’t this is the link!

You can get up to 50% off for eating lunch early!

On a side note, there are other dining apps to help you save.

One of them is BURPPLE BEYOND and click this link to check them out too.

Reason 2: How often have you taken taxis because you were late!

This is one of the most common reasons of racking