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I track, I watch, I move on SGR

A warm welcome to 4 new subscribers who joined us since the last blog post. Thank you! For regular readers of this blog, you would know that I believe in using “reversion to mean approach” to determine my buy price for Reits. And Reits is a major component of my portfolio since I am an income investor. I TRACK: To explain it further, I basically track the dividend yields of Reits for the past years and then use the data to determine the historical yields of the Reit. By lining them up from lowest to the highest yields, I...

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Dividends, Treasury Notes and Me

I like to extend a warm welcome to the five new subscribers who joined us since the last blog post. Your support is a major motivator to me to keep this going. I am sure most of you would have heard of, read about or tracked the recent steep rise in the yields of 10 years US Treasury Notes. They are basically the bonds issued by the US government and the yields are “interests” paid by them to the bondholders. The 10 years Treasury Note is of the most significance among all the Treasury notes and is the most...

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Dividend Play: Asian Pay TV & Netlink Trust

Wow, I have another 6 subscribers in the last 2 days. Thanks for your support! It is already motivating me to pen this blog in the midst of an extremely crowded MRT train rather than watch my movie on Netflix … LOL Yesterday was another great day for my dividend purse. Both Asian Pay TV and Netlink Trust declared dividends – 1.625 and 3.24 cents per share respectively . They represent dividend yields of 13.7% and 5.6% on an annualised basis. Including these dividends, my Q2 yield will be pushed up to 2.0% of my portfolio and Q1+Q2 to...

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Investing for Dividend is really Great!

Firstly, let me welcome 6 new subscribers to this blog. I appreciate your support and interest. Secondly, I must admit I have neglected this blog for the past one month. Work and family life have been hectic and have taken priority. The activities are actually still very intense. So this will be a short post. Since 2017, I have actively tracking dividend returns and using it to refine the approach to shape my investment choices. You may have seen the my earlier Q1 post on dividend return which showed that I remained on track to meet my target yield...

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What stocks to consider accumulating

I chanced upon a list of “target prices” that DBS Treasury published for selected Singapore equities. I compared these target prices against the current prices of the companies in my watchlist and got the table below. I thought of sharing this table below that shows the biggest upsides (top 10) between the current prices and the target prices. I also chose those that were analysed and had reports published by DBS Treasury in the last 3 months. Companies Price 6Apr18 DBS Tgt Price % Upside Last Rpt Date Keppel Corp 7.7 10.2 32% 26-Jan ThaiBev 0.8 1.02 28% 15-Feb...

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Importance of Good Investment Decision

I like to share with you what I have learned from an article I read this morning. This article gives a distinct and useful differentiation between a good decision and a good outcome. A good decision is a logical one while a good outcome in the context of investment is a profitable one. We all want good outcome but how many of us will spend the time and effort to make a good decision. This is especially so when a good decision doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good outcome. When we have a bad outcome (aka lose money), many of...

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Refresh Income Portfolio

I am glad that I created an income portfolio in Dec last year. Since then, I have not sold any of the companies that I have put inside which fulfilled one of the objectives that I wanted. I was doing too many buy and sell transactions that were not good for long term passive income generation. Given the success, I increased the number of companies from the initial 20 to 30. I also updated their 2017 dividend distributions as a proxy for this year expected dividend (thanks to readily available information on stockcafe). You can find the full 30...

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Glad that Net Worth is Holding On

Many things happened in the investment world in the last 3 months. I am just glad that my dividend yield target stays on track to deliver 5% return by end 2018 and my net “worth” has managed to hold on. I started tracking my net worth quarterly since Q4 last year because I came to believe that this is the main indicator to show how near I am getting towards financial freedom. You can find many different definitions of net worth in the internet. I define net worth as “My liquid Assets minus My liabilities”. My liquid assets include all cash...

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