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My Index Portfolio outperforms Growth & Income combined

First, let me welcome 16 new subscribers in the last one month. With your support, the total number of subscribes have breached the 100 marks. Thank you very much. It has been a long while since I blogged about index portfolio. This article is to share my investment approaches via growth, income and index portfolio. In earlier blog (5% Yield, I did it!), it was just on growth and income. Recap: it was 5% dividend yield but negative 6% loss in capital value (exclude dividend). This is a separate portfolio that I have last year to hold all my...

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Richer but can’t help feeling concerned with being over-invested

Starting this year, I occasionally blogged about my net worth. I calculated it based on (Total Assets – Total Liabilities). However, in defining “net worth”, I have left out the “bulky” and iliquid assets/liabilities like property and car. The reasons being it is difficult to translate them into cash immediately when needed, it is also challenging to assess its market value and as I called them – are bulky and can easy slew the analysis. Following an analysis yesterday, I realised that my net worth has experienced a roller coaster ride very much like the local stock market through...

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5% Yield, I did it!

If Warrior can do it, so can you! Regular readers of my blog will know that one of my key investment objectives is to build a portfolio that can provide 5% dividend yield to me annually. I try to be a bit more kia-su (i.e. afraid to lose) by adding 1% to the more convention 4% Rule. If you have not heard of the 4% Rule (for retirees), you can find some references at the end of this post. Yes, I just did it – with the dividends declared by Ireit today, the total dividends that I have and will...

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Time to upgrade your SSB yield if you have not done so!

If you are like me who have started buying SSB since it was launched and/or through 2016 & 2017, you may want to examine your returns from your current SSBs and consider upgrading. First, let’s see a chart that shows the 1st year yield of the monthly SSBs from the maiden issue to the most recent one available for our application. As you can see, the first year interest yield of SSBs declined progressively from 1.2% per year soon after its launch to the lowest point of 0.77% in Nov 2016 and then climbing back to 1.2% by end...

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Starhill Global a BUY based on Historical Yields Analysis and Reversion to Mean Belief

Below is a chart that I have made to show where the current yield of some of the SReits lies on the spectrum of their past 3-5 years historical yields. Although most of the SReits are off their recent highs, their current yields are still on the lower half of the spectrum. (How to see this : High Price, Low Yield and vice versa, assuming same DPS). Just to quote some examples, Ascendas – 5.8% current yield, 35% on the spectrum (0%-lowest yield (5.1%)and 100%-highest historical yield(7.2%)) CapitaMall – 5.2% current yield, 31% OUE Commercial – 6.9% current yield,  43%...

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Watchlist – Result Release Jul-Sep 2018

Hi, I know there are many websites and apps that provide information on results release dates and dividend distribution of our local companies. However, I can’t really find one that I can customise to my needs. Hence, I have created a web page for the stocks on my watchlist. I will try to update it as often as I can, but definitely at least once a week. It looks something like this …. Jul-Sep 2018 Companies Div/Yes/No Expectations? 10-Jul SPH Reit Q3 1.37 Within 11-Jul SPH Q3 NO NA 16-Jul Keppel Reit 1H Yes Soilbuild Reit 1H Yes If...

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I think my plans are working out okay

After a hectic week of non-stop 5 consecutive nights of conference calls with my US and European colleagues, I finally found some respite now to contribute my thoughts to our blog. In between, 8 new readers have subscribed to our blog and I thank you for your support. In the last one week, our STI index has recovered 2.5% quietly and steadily from the fallout of the property cooling measures shock last Friday. The major markets around the world have also rode through the initial salvo from the potential “trade war” and gained back some grounds. The star has to...

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Are we prepared for Black Swan?

As the events unfolded on Thursday night and Friday in the stock market, I couldn’t help but recall these 2 articles that I read earlier this week by STE (about patience) and Brian of 3Fs (about holding cash). How timely and apt these articles were. I also reflected on my most recent post (about being prepared for 2H2018). You can find the links to all these articles at the bottom of this post. I do not think anyone has anticipated the move from our government to further tighten the cooling measures on property purchases, announced at 6pm Thursday. It...

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Alas, a Depressing 1H 2018 But some Food for Thoughts on what we can do for 2H

The first half of 2018 has come and gone. All of a sudden, the market looks gloomier now than at the start of the year. It has been hit from many fronts including the rise in US interest rate, rise in crude oil price (aka inflation), rise in protectionism with trade war looming between US and China, Europe, Canada plus others, rise in Middle East tension and apparent slowdown in China economy. Our local market was not spared. Compared to end 2017, it has declined 6.5% and compared to the peak in early May, the drop was a staggering...

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Using My Margin Financing Account

Recently, I opened a margin financing account with my stockbroking company, on top of my normal trading account with them. Before I opened this account, I did some research and identified a few benefits for me. Thought I will share it here with you in case you see the same benefits and opportunities … In a nutshell, a margin financing account is like having a credit line provided by stockbroking firm to us to finance the purchase of securities/stocks. However, we will have to pledge either cash and/or “marginable” securities as collateral. Take for example, Maybank Kim Eng, from its...

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I swapped shares again in this downturn

I haven’t been blogging as actively as I wished for the last few weeks but since my last post, I have received 11 new subscribers. Thank you very much for your support. Our local STI has not been kind to us in the last fortnight. From its last peak of 3615 points achieved on 2 May, it has now dropped 9%, and last week was the worst week in this decline. STI has now literally returned all the gains it made this year and more. Compared to end 2017, it is down 4% already. Just talking about it feels...

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So sian and disappointing – Accordia Golf Trust

A warm welcome to 5 new subscribers who joined us since the last post. And a big thank you to all the readers for the strong support that you have given to this blog – the number of viewership for 2018 so far has now overtaken the whole of 2017 and it is not even half way through the year yet. This is very encouraging and motivating to me personally and thank you once again for your support. Back in end 2017, many people thought that 2018 will be a bland year for investments but boy, what a wild ride...

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Keeping Faith with my 4.86% yield with Singtel (at cost)

Photo by mentatdgt on First a warm welcome to 2 new subscribers who joined us since the last blog post. Thank you!I think it is no secret to regular readers of my blog that Singtel is my biggest holding within my portfolio. Actually it is more than what I will typically like to have for a single stock. It is the only stock that has >5% of my portfolio by values. With the recent announcement of its full year results, I took another look at Singtel’s financials to make sure that I can keep my faith, particularly on...

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I track, I watch, I move on SGR

A warm welcome to 4 new subscribers who joined us since the last blog post. Thank you! For regular readers of this blog, you would know that I believe in using “reversion to mean approach” to determine my buy price for Reits. And Reits is a major component of my portfolio since I am an income investor. I TRACK: To explain it further, I basically track the dividend yields of Reits for the past years and then use the data to determine the historical yields of the Reit. By lining them up from lowest to the highest yields, I...

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Dividends, Treasury Notes and Me

I like to extend a warm welcome to the five new subscribers who joined us since the last blog post. Your support is a major motivator to me to keep this going. I am sure most of you would have heard of, read about or tracked the recent steep rise in the yields of 10 years US Treasury Notes. They are basically the bonds issued by the US government and the yields are “interests” paid by them to the bondholders. The 10 years Treasury Note is of the most significance among all the Treasury notes and is the most...

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