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CapMallAsia & YangZiJiang did us proud today!!!

Today CapitalMallAsia and Yangzijiang did us proud. And I would like to dedicate this post to people who are vested with either of the stocks.Today was the first time CapMallAsia surged through ahead of my average price which makes me overwhelmed and surprised (that they are up 10% at one point near the closing bell). With results coming up this Friday, hope that CMA could continue to surge ahead … [Read more...]

I have NO savings!

There have been several articles on savings recently which got me thinking. First thought - why 20%? Who defines this standard and why is it recommended?UScitizens have always been known to be big spenders rather than savers. It is their money that kept the world going at least during the end of the 20th century. If local advisors are advocating 20% savings, what about advisors over there? 5%, … [Read more...]

Retire in Philippines

7107 islands of heaven; that is what you’ll find if you go to the Philippines. Expat’s from all over the world are taking their hard earned money to the beautiful island paradise of Philippines to enjoy an early retirement at a place where they can afford to live and be treated like Kings and Queens. Talk about retirement planning! The long, golden sand beaches stretch for miles and miles … [Read more...]

$20 approx per block of 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles via HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC Credit Cards have a promotion whereby: The new HSBC rewards programme allows cardholders to purchase Rewards Points in blocks of 1,000. Every 2,500 Rewards Points = 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles. HSBC allow cardholders to purchase 1,000 Rewards Points for S$8. 2,500 Rewards Points= 1,000 KF Miles= $20. There is also a S$42.80 annual mileage transfer fee. Essentially, you get to … [Read more...]

Zimbabwee goes to barter trade–What happens when fiat money collapses

Here is a story found from New York Times. I believe a lot of folks know that Zimbabwee had hyperinflation for quite some time. Paper money there is basically worthless. So how would you procure healthcare services? By Trading Peanuts. The hospital’s cavernous chapel is now filled with what looks like a giant sand dune of unshelled nuts. The hospital makes them into peanut butter that is mixed … [Read more...]

Gaining Knowledge from Books

In my quest to improve myself, I have taken to reading more books in order to furnish myself with the required knowledge and basic competence to understand equity investments as well as the world around me. In addition, I have also recently started to read other types of books to expand my breadth of knowledge instead of just focusing on depth of knowledge. There are a few basic types of books … [Read more...]