It seemed like it has been ages since I have written anything on index investing in Singapore. One of the reasons why I haven’t come up with an eBook or a course on index investing is that there really isn’t much value I can add to this space, that isn’t already covered by my older blog posts.

Index investing really isn’t that difficult to understand and there are plenty of well-researched and easy-to-understand resources available. All you have to do is to first invest a little bit of your time and really learn about how and why index investing works. The interesting thing is that, along the way, you will definitely come across basic and foundational concepts to help you out in your investment journey. (no, the handbook below doesn’t exist)

Take the example of robo-advisors. Touted as the hassle-free option to investment : automating investing, skipping costly middlemen and getting good returns – what’s not to like?