think I can survive on very little. In fact, I know I can.

Recently, I had to stay at home for an entire week due to a family situation – and to be honest, I have quite enjoyed the experience.

On a side note, I was reminded of the fact that the wait at government hospitals is horrible as usual.

Food situation – hunger games

Stocked up a lot of food prior to this stay-home period and cooked some a few meals. Overestimated ourselves yet again, huh?

Regardless, we ordered plenty of food deliveries because it is fairly affordable in Singapore. I’m generally not that picky when it comes to food – economy rice suits me just fine.

Home-made coffee for that cafe vibe and it probably cost me under $2 easily per cup. Not so much of the price factor, but I really enjoy the process of making my own brew.

Ignore that tiny bowl of cheese-flavored potato rings – bad choice of tea time snacks, I know.