As much as I enjoy my work. Nothing beats the joy of public holidays and having the free time to do whatever you want. And the longer the break the better. Source: Giphy This is why you’ll be glad to know that according to the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Singapore public holidays list, it looks like there’ll be 11 public holidays and 5 loooooong weekends in 2022. Want to make full use of the holidays? I’ve figured out a way to take just 7 days of leave to enjoy a grand total of: 32 DAYS OFF WORK! You can thanks me later or save this article for when COVID-19 travel restrictions ease up and we can travel again. TL;DR: Public Holidays 2022 Singapore HolidayDateDay New Year’s Day1 January 2022Saturday Chinese New Year1 February 2022
2 February 2022Tuesday