OCBC Fixed Deposit yields 4.08% (SGD) and 5.08% (USD) – Good buy if you want a Singapore Bank for your Fixed Deposit
By Financial Horse  •  January 11, 2023
I know a lot of you are in the market for high yielding fixed deposit to park your cash, risk free. So I just wanted to do a quick shout out that OCBC is running a Chinese New Year Promotion for Fixed Deposit right now.   

OCBC Fixed Deposit yields 4.08% (for SGD) and 5.08% (for USD)

If you have an existing OCBC 360 account, you can get 4.08% p.a. on your SGD fixed deposit with an 8 months tenure. This goes up to 5.08% p.a. for USD, which is frankly very attractive if you have some USD lying around (by contrast DBS pays only 4.5% for USD Fixed Deposits). In fact if you’re premier banking, you can get 4.18% p.a. for 8 months (SGD).

Minimum Fixed Deposit for OCBC is $20,000

Per the...
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By Financial Horse
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