The recent collapse of Misa Travel has been a nightmare for those who have made bookings with them. The “lucky” ones would have bought travel insurance, which would have covered the cost incurred.

Those who paid for their trips via credit cards could probably invoke the credit card charge-back feature to recover their money.

Still, the inconvenience as a result of this would still piss many people off. If I were in their shoes, I would wreck havoc.

OTAs Are Cheaper?

The sweeping statements people make tend to gravitate towards “why would people use brick-and-mortar travel agents when online travel agents (OTAs) can offer the same, if not cheaper prices” or something similar. Validate argument, I suppose.

Technology has and will always pose new challenges. It is near impossible to beat the size and economies of scale that OTAs like Expedia/Agoda/TripAdvisor has, correct? In my humble opinion, traditional travel agents …