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Men and our irrational behaviour

In my daily life, I often catch myself saying one thing and doing another thing. I guess I am not alone. So let’s start making fun of our irrational behaviour! I have an ex-colleague who gives me lots of grief for not bringing my own “bag” to the supermarkets when I do my groceries……… But this lady tells me that she full blasts her air-con all night long and drives to work alone in her sedan.  OK….. I have a friend who tells me cannot eat tuna – cute and lovable dolphins are killed in tuna’s fishing nets. Cannot!...

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The tortoise and the hare – to invest or save?

Whether it’s better to suffer the risks and ups and downs by investing our nest eggs, or by saving it in a savings account, we can escape the emotional roller-coaster? The story of the tortoise and the hare is well known. The hare fell asleep, made the mistake of underestimating the tortoise, and slow and steady won at the end of the day! Like all fairy tales, if only that’s the end of the happily ever after story….. What if we have many more races ahead?  Not just one race? Putting money in a savings account is “safe”.  Like...

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To Rent or Buy?

To rent or to buy? First of all, I will not talk about the rule of thumb used by economist: if the home price is 15 times higher than the annual rent for a similar property, it is better to rent. Nor will I talk about financial worksheets of formulas and ratios used by accountants to determine whether it’s better to lease or buy a property. No, I won’t mention them. (Smile) What I will do is to share the emotional struggles and questions I’ve gone through to determine whether it’s better to rent or buy. (Here I am...

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