FJ Benjamin FY08 results

By: La Papillion FJ Benjamin released its full year results for FY08 recently. I’m not interested in this company though I’m interested in the business. I followed this company since a number of forum friends had or once had vested interest in this company, so I’m doing it for the intellectual challenge that it might pose. The press release as usual gave a very clear summary of how FJ ben is … [Read more...]

Swiber – 1H FY 2008 Financial Review and Analysis

By: musicwhiz It’s been a while since I had blogged about Swiber and related updates from the company. The company released its 1H 2008 financial results on August 13, 2008, and all I can say is that much was in line with what I expected, though quite a large part of its future is still uncertain at this point in time due to the absence of news about potential developments. Swiber’s … [Read more...]

Financial Results

By: Drizzt Courage Marine 2nd Quarter Results The first company i am covering is Courage Marine. despite the fall in Baltic Dry Shipping Index, results have been pretty strong. Profit for the period improved by 67% from the previous year. Operating cashflow generated was 20 million vs 7.8 million from previous year. Read more... Food Junction 3rd Quarter Results This company, which … [Read more...]

The Singapore Property Market: Personal Take II

By: Jay This is a continuation of the last post. Ok, so the bulls will say expats can pay. Now I do not know what is the average expat pay, but let's just assume the average expat gets the same salary of the top 10% of our population ie $12k per mth. If you are an expat earning $12k per mth, will you fork out 33% of your salary for rent? For me, if I were an expat, I know I am not going to … [Read more...]

Misunderstandings or Misled?

By: Adrian Khiat I encountered a cases of an agent and a case of a bank Relationship Managers who had planned for 2 old folks this week. I really don't know if they are cases of misunderstandings or being misled. 1st Case - 5% guaranteed Returns??? One of my client called me last Friday and asked if I am able to offer a plan that gives over 5% guaranteed returns. I told her that only her … [Read more...]

China Sports International 2008 Q2 result

By: Alen It is interesting to evaluate other sports player result also. Following is the China Sports International result for Q2. Revenue +50% Cost of sales +49.9% (in sync with revenue) Selling and distribution expense +281.5% Administrative expense +387.3% Profit before tax increased only 25.7% as a result of high expenses incurred. The group is probably trying to put resource to grow … [Read more...]

Thoughts about STI part 2

By: La Papillion Was nudged by millionairemind to do a little investigation into the total returns of STI should year 2008 fall by 20%. Since I have not been checking STI absolute value (I did check the daily relative % drop/rise though), I was quite surprised that since the start of the year, we've dropped a cool 20%. I did post a table with the values of all the CAGR for different years … [Read more...]

Role of Financial Advisers

By: Wilfred Ling Previously I mentioned about certain advisers thinks that the financial advisory is a sales job. So I want to say something about this. Why would anyone need a financial adviser? I don't think anyone need an adviser unless there is a need. What kind of need justify seeing an adviser? Sometime the "need" is obvious like a divorce, separation or death of a sole bread winner. … [Read more...]

Profiting from Death

By: Wilfred Ling The first collective investment scheme for Life Settement was introduced in Singapore early this year for accredited investors. The fund attracted attentions from financial advisers and investors. Many financial advisers were wary of this fund because the risks involved are unfamiliar. Wilfred Ling investigated and did research into the fund and identify what kind of risks … [Read more...]

Of Whole Life Policies

Both Mr. Tan and Adrian advocate buying term instead of Whole Life policies. Avoid whole life policies By: Tan Kin Lian Many people are badly advised by insurance agents into buying whole life insurance. Being expensive (compared to term insurance), the consumer has inadequate insurance for their needs. The agent says that "term insurance will expire after 20 years, and you will not be … [Read more...]

China milk and Swiber results

By: La Papillion China milk 1Q09 Not sure if they are going to give interim dividends for the next 3 quarters. If they do, that will give an annualised dividend yield of around 3% at last closing price. Great growth from EPS - what's good is that they are not as badly hit by rising material cost as other companies. In fact, they played the inflation game pretty well. Read that they had to buy … [Read more...]

Mid-August 2008 Portfolio Summary and Review

By: musicwhiz The first half of August 2008 was quiet, unless you take into account the rumblings of the general public who literally saw the value of shares on the bourse fall to new 52-week lows. In terms of corporate actions and announcements, there was little activity. While I do maintain that “no news is good news”, sometimes having some updates on matters pending is useful for listed … [Read more...]

Finding out the roots for your own financial freedom

By: PanzerGrenadier Reading blogs, websites and news articles about personal finance is a great way to learn and grow in the ways of being financially free. Much of why we read such material is that many authors share their own personal stories on how they managed to achieve their own personal finance dreams. Your family tree: a history in personal finance One of the most under-rated … [Read more...]

The Singapore Property Market: Personal Take I

By: Jay In this post, I am going to give my two cents on the Singapore property market. As with people giving their two cents, usually it is worth about one cent, esp when people try to give their two cents in some arena where another 10,000 people already gave their answers to 6 million dollar questions. So always do your own analysis and learn to be an independent thinker. I think that … [Read more...]

Which hat are we wearing?

By: Adrian Khiat I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with many knowledgeable and qualified Financial Planners during my CFP course, financial seminars as well as fund managers updates etc. I also like to visit blogs of fellow planners and financial forums to understand how they conduct their businesses. I believe that many of them have the knowledge, qualities and ethnics to be a true … [Read more...]

Property Investment in Singapore (Part 1 and 2)

By: Adrian Khiat I noticed a shift of Singaporeans perspective towards Property Investments over the past few years. Even till today, as I went through the Financial Plans of my clients, most of them with surplus in their income are considering getting another property in the next 1-3 years. Another observation I have on these people are that they do not have a Retirement or Children … [Read more...]

The Beauty of a Bear Market

By: musicwhiz On hindsight, it would have been extremely obvious to a casual observer and a reasonable person that the market would turn bearish this year. That is the problem in general with predictions - they are usually extremely accurate only by looking at history ! However, this post is not to lambast people who attempt to time market cycles (some do get it fairly accurate but are often … [Read more...]

The Double “Whammy” of Lower Profits and Lower Valuations

By: musicwhiz Basically, the premise is simple: a company reports a fall in profits due to rising costs and inability to raise prices sufficiently to offset these costs. To add to their woes, staff and admin costs have also increased and put a further strain on net profits. This would of course lead to lower profits in subsequent quarters and the company may see its net profit contract by about … [Read more...]

Price Movement

By: Level13 This posting is not to encourage readers to trade. For most people, it has been proven that constant trading is detrimental to their investment return. However, as a retail investor, we should have a general knowledge of the signals that the price movement is indicating to us. The price movement of a stock is dependent on the demand and supply of the stock, which in turn is … [Read more...]

Preventing Investment Mistakes: Ten Risk Minimizers

By: Drizzt Most investment mistakes are caused by basic misunderstandings of the securities markets and by invalid performance expectations. The markets move in totally unpredictable cyclical patterns of varying duration and amplitude. Evaluating the performance of the two major classes of investment securities needs to be done separately because they are owned for differing purposes. Stock … [Read more...]