1st Quarter earnings leads to cautiousness in Straits Times Index


1st Quarter earnings leads to cautiousness in Straits Times Index 1st quarter earnings announcements have started rolling out last week as market participants were busy understanding the change in companies performances are the reporting. During this period, many decided to stay cautious and stayed out of the market. Hence, Straits Times Index was affected and started the week bearishly. … [Read more...]

How do I protect my assets before marriage?

My last blog post probably didn't sit well with most female readers, if not all, even though it is quite a common view among the guys. I know, sexism is alive and it is very much the case for both guys and girls, if I may add. Then, a reader brought up the issue of prenuptial agreements. What is a prenuptial agreement or prenup? A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, … [Read more...]

Useful Thought Experiment: What If You Were To Die Exactly 10 Years Later?

All I want to know is where I’m going to die so I’ll never go there – Charlie Munger What’s both fascinating and cruel about life is how unpredictable it is. And at the heart of it all is not knowing when we would leave this world. Death tends to scupper the most well-laid of plans. I find it very interesting that we tend to underestimate our longevity but overestimate the odds of being … [Read more...]



Once trading at $1.06 per share in Feb 2017, just two months ago, Japfa Limited stock is currently trading at $0.63, a 37% down from this high in Feb 2017. Japfa is involved in the animal protein business. Japfa stock is currently oversold and the trend sets to be south for the stock with the stock price already below its 200-days moving average. What’s more, the stock went south by some 6.7% on … [Read more...]

9 things I learned from StarHub’s 2017 AGM

Last year, TPG Telecom was awarded the license to become the fourth mobile telco in Singapore. The Australian company is expected to commence operations in 2018. This event is causing a shake-up in the local telco industry as the marketplace is as crowded as it already is. Adding a new telco only increases the bargaining power of consumers over the telcos. We’re now seeing the telcos lowering … [Read more...]

UOB – What really matters in a Stock


Comparison done with OCB (039) 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 1.157 (15.7 % Above fair value) 039 – 1.14 Price to earning ratio : 11.768 ( Below industry standard – 17.42)   039 – 11.667 2)  LEARN ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS Debt To Equity : 81.1% | 53.9% Growth Performance : 5.41% (5 year growth)| 5.24% (5 year growth) Dividend Yield : … [Read more...]

Can We Hold STI ETF With Good Entries As Multi-bagger Over Market Cycles???

Unlike holding single stocks over market cycles; there are no shortage of multi-baggers held by some retail investors over market cycles; can we hold STI ETF into into multi-bagger Game? If you are curious and have time; you may to check on other market indices. Uncle8888 not keen in other market so he doesn't bother with it... … [Read more...]

Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – 3 Years On

This is an annual blog series that I started 3 years ago to document the worries about investing at the wrong time, which would bring losses and headaches. The blog series track the performance of 2 passive portfolios invested in index funds using the portfolio rebalancing strategy. Both portfolios comprise of 70% allocation in stocks and 30% in bonds. The plain vanilla portfolio invests in global … [Read more...]

I Read therefore I Write : Next Financial Crisis May Cause by ETF

On 19th April , The Business Time published an article on issues related to ETF , “Vanguard is growing faster than everybody else , combined !! “. No doubt , ETF which is tracking indexes from all over the world is getting so popular because of lower cost as compare to active management. “In the last three calendar years, investors sank USD$823 billion into Vanguard Funds , by any measure , … [Read more...]

Consolidating my portfolio and diversifying


Been busy recently, and trying to start an Amazon ecommerce business as a sideline to provide additional cashflow (as well as doing some additional due diligence in reading materials related to it). Haven't had much time to work on my watchlist as well. Finally got to combining my US and SG portfolio together, and thus will track something like the FTSE All-World Index funds for a better … [Read more...]

Short Portfolio Update

Just a quick update to my portfolio because there has been a flurry of activities. Sale of Hyflux Preference Shares Sold all Hyflux Preference Shares in my CDP to realize an approximate 10% gain. I managed to "pick some pennies" on this company debt instrument and have decided to allocate my capital to the below 2: Memtech International The thesis for Memtech was pretty simple. It is … [Read more...]

Sector Diversification

In my ebook The Bedokian Portfolio, I constantly harped on diversification of asset class and foreign financial markets, but I did not touch much on sector diversification. In this blog post, I would share a bit on the sector aspect. What is a Sector According to Investopedia, sector, or sometimes called the industry, is “… an area of the economy in which businesses share the same or a … [Read more...]

Is The Singapore Stock Market Healthy? A Billionaire Speaks Out

Billionaire investor, Paul Tudor Jones, has a stark message for fellow investors in Singapore. Years of low-interest rates, avers the legendary macro trader, have bloated stock valuations to a level not experienced in the country since 2000. He states that it happened before the tumble of the Nasdaq, which stood at 75% over a period of more than two years. He argues that such a value of the stock … [Read more...]



Dear readers, this is AGMs season. With many of the AGMS being held on weekdays, I believe investors interested in attending an AGM of a particular company would need to apply for their leaves in order to attend. These few days, I have been receiving so many A4-sized envelopes containing the traditional hardcopy annual reports. I have also been receiving smaller-size plastic covers containing … [Read more...]

Stock Incubator — Nrodic Group, Strategic Objective Achieved

A following up to last month partial divestment of Nordic Group (refer here), with a total capital gain of 207.60%, this indicates that the initial capital I have vested in the stock is back to my pocket again.  As such, the remaining holding is therefore considered mathematically impossible to lose money.  That is risk-free (my definition of risk-free and not those government backed type of bond … [Read more...]

Never Attend Any AGM and Don’t Read Annual Report Anymore???

Probably; Uncle8888 is one of those retirees and investment bloggers who till now never attend any AGM and don't read annual reports anymore; BUT he follows every piece of news and quarterly announcement of companies in his watch-list closely. Like that also can survive? Retail investing is more than just analyzing. Stock Market - What is the nature of this beast? Stock Market is one … [Read more...]

"Women are like the rake in poker."

I was chatting with a reader on FB about saving money and I gave him a link to one of my old blogs:http://singaporeanstocksinvestor.blogspot.sg/2011/12/common-piece-of-advice-on-saving.html I was scrolling through the comments section and found this: Reader: Hah, while I definitely agree with what you say about the tips on drinking water from coolers, for the large part, it is a very male … [Read more...]

Child Portfolio – "Apr 17 – SG Transactions & Portfolio Update"


We celebrated my elder son 3rd birthday during the weekend and thought I'd do my usual annual update on his portfolio on his birthday. As part of the annual exercise, I'd try to top up his equity position by giving him presents in the form of stock shares, which would help him compound over his years of growing up. Given that Singtel has been dropping recently, I added 300 shares of Singtel … [Read more...]

MAS: Don’t trade in binary options on unregulated platforms (2)


Read? MAS: Don't trade in binary options on unregulated platforms I am Millionaire! I am Millionaire! I am Millionaire! then get a few others to provide testimonial and chant the same ... I am Millionaire! I am Millionaire! I am Millionaire! No need for any audited proof that I am Millionaire! A long line of Bei Kamping will be queuing up to be slaughtered for their … [Read more...]

Fortune 500 Rankings: The Top Are Not Necessary the Great

If you stroll through the Fortune Rankings of the world’s companies, you probably see the MNC you are working in at the top 500 list. Or in another instance, your employer may be one of the best or top performers in a particular market or industry which is operating similarly to how the smartphones’ market share is dominated by a few major competitors. The main point here is not that they can be … [Read more...]